Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sketchup, FileFront Links & Peer Review

3d Warehouse Sketchup Model:


Crysis Environment & Objects:



N.B. Crysis Elevator Controls

Elevator 01: O,K = Up, Down
Elevator 02: P,L = Up, Down

My draft environments were critiqued by fellow classmates Terrence Wong & Jessica Morgan.


This is my developed Crysis Wars environment. My idea of power is that it is unknown and that power can be mysterious. I have chosen to keep to a circular theme to help convey the notion of power and reflect the idea of mystery within the architecture.

N.B. To see the Mashup article, Perspective sketches & Textures, please view 'older posts'.


Miranda Kerr's Office

Helen Keller's Office

I have designed the offices for Miranda Kerr and Helen Keller similarly, so that the only way to tell them apart is by the surrounding landscape. Both buildings consist of a series of cylinder structures giving the idea of a hidden office room somewhere in between of the structures. I have designed round steps to continue with the circular theme of my design.


The bridge that I have designed is very simple and minimalistic - a series of circular 'pods', presenting a powerful sense of danger to the person traveling the bridge. The two elevators are the middle circular 'pods' and are deliberately designed within the bridge to convey a sense of mysteriousness and the unknown. I have used the same texture for the bridge and elevators to emphasise the idea of mystery.

N.B. Crysis Elevator Controls

Elevator 01: O,K = Up, Down
Elevator 02: P,L = Up, Down


This is the meeting place for Miranda Kerr and Helen Keller. It is located on a small island situated in between the two office buildings. The secluded area of the island and meeting place emphasise the notion of 'mystery'. I have chosen to keep to the circular theme when designing the dining table and chairs to further emphasise this idea.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Crysis Draft Images 02

Overall view of the landscape

The landing spot for the 2 elevators

Helen Keller's Office

Miranda Kerr's Office

View below the bridge

The Meeting Spot

Monday, May 24, 2010

Crysis DRAFT Images

The Bridge

The Elevator

The Meeting Place

p.s. These are only draft pictures and the design has been kept plain on purpose, with no textures applied to them. I feel as if the bridge and elevator are much too large, so I shall redo them in Sketchup.